Certain Insider's Tours are offered on scheduled dates

(in 2019/2020 these include Paris, London, Madrid, Provence and Lyon).


We also have programs that can be tailored and offered for a private group.

These include San Francisco, New York, and Vermont. Each can be anchored to a particular special event, or can be scheduled independently. 


 "An Insider's Tour is much more than a "Gastronomic Tour" of a region or country, it is education designed for a cheese professional. The experience of ​​the Insider's Tour gave me the opportunity to see places I would not otherwise be able to get into and learn firsthand aspects of cheesemongering, affinage, pairings, culinary, marketing and merchandising. I have met passionate, knowledgeable students, cheesemongers, cheesemakers and colleagues in the industry who share a common interest and through our discussions I have learned from them in order to develop my career in educating, selling and promoting in the cheese industry."

-Sheri Allen ACS CCP®
Owner - Artisanal Touch Events